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Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council (GSC) in UK is a voluntary organisation established in 1993. It is a nationwide charity organisation working for the welfare of Sylheti Bangladeshi People living in the UK. The organisation is run by an elected National Executive Committee and is governed by a constitution. GSC has 13 regional committee’s to work with same charter of welfare for the Bangladeshi community living in various regions throughout the UK


British Bangladeshi

Integral part of Britain for nearly 100 years

The british bangladeshi community plays an inportant role in every sphere of British life; in the arts, media, business, politics, faith and as part of the big society.

The sole objectives
of GSC!

For the benefit of the public who are from Greater Sylhet or who are of Greater Sylheti descent.

GSC shall remain as a politically non-partisan voluntary organisation to assist the Bangladeshi community in the UK through the provision of advice, information, counselling, support, interpretation, translation and other services.